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Don Clark

Fells Point,the infamous "nest of pirates", has transformed from a shipbuilding waterfront to a cozy mix of shops,taverns and homes. Living here you will find a true sense of community, as the person at the bar stool next to you is your neighbor, and he was in the same spot the night before.

Rob Carlson

My neighborhood of Harford Park in the Northeast is like 60% in the county, but has about 400+ homes in the city at the corner of Moore and Old Harford. I didn't see it in the list.

You missed Stone Hill, which is part of Hampden. :)

Also, did you miss "Station North" or is that the same as "Charles North"?

Unfortunately I don't really have time today to describe neighborhoods.

David Cookson

Lived in "lower" Charles Village--lot of rats, a little scary, best house ever. Sowebo--quiet, nice people. Remington, great little neighborhood, awesome neighbors, cute little houses.


Malcolm - I got Station North. But I did miss Stone Hill. Thanks!


missed original northwood which is quite different from simply northwood


Wait... so there's a Northwood and an Original Northwood?


From conservative mill village to funky city neighborhood, Hampden is one of Baltimore's unique communities. Since the beginning, residents of Hampden have always maintained that community closeness and spirit, which is seen in its bustling social and commerical center of 36th Street known as "The Avenue" and celebrated in annual neighborhood festivities such as HonFest and Miracle on 34th Street. While Hampden has always been as a family neighborhood, it has attracted students, artists, and eclectic businesses, creating a thriving and quirky atmosphere within the community.

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