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Yep, this was a frustrating and irritating episode in my life as a person who trys to see beyond bullshit. People just. won't. let. you.


I'll take hipsters over yuppies, thank you.

Master Foodie

Let's see - I'm in a place I don't really understand, surrounded by and waited on people I don't understand but who are cooler than I am judging by their use of earth toned clothes.

As a self-respecting foodie, I have to mock them otherwise my palate my wither and die.

Hipsters must be mocked and their tears will replenish the roots of the tree of flavor profiles and culinary points of view.

If you don't get that, perhaps you should just keep dining at Outback.

See? I mock thee.


That's how you can tell what a great and serious foodie I am. Now I will update my food blog from the comfort of my upper-middle-class county home and reference my wit here.

You have been, how do they say, pwned?, by Master Foodie!

Amboy Dukes

I'm tired of having to listen to straights whine about hipsters.

Cool up or shut the fuck up.

Either way, get over it.


I'm not really sure what #34 actually. The folks at either Golden West & Rocket 2 Venus are by and large not terribly "hip" at all. Pretentious and full of themselves, maybe, but definitely not hip.


It would also help if I could proofread a little better. I meant to put "means" after "#34". Sorry.


Hello blog - I agree and I am definitely not hipster, but this post made no sense to me. A couple of people started a blog on this and they just did #34...

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