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Okay, this made me cry and made me angry. These really are the worst people in America.

The Blob

Yeah these folks suck. It also sucks that apparently only five classmates are willing to stand up in support of this girl/common decency (if that's even what happened here - the link to the story is not working for me right now). I would hope that the younger generation would be more forward-thinking than this. Naive, I know.
One question I have had about this story is: How did the school even know who this girl's date was in the first place? I feel like I remember reading that she originally asked permission to bring a female date? Not that I blame her in the least if that was the case, but just go to the prom with whoever you want, and if they can't handle it fuck 'em. I'm sure someone will correct me if the above is incorrect, but I'll go try to find out now.
In any case, what a bunch of utterly useless assholes.

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