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Too bad that Target treats its workers pretty much as poorly as Wal-Mart. Just as virulently anti-union, crap wages, crap benefits.

Pick your poison, I suppose.


People could go to work for a small business man like the owner of Common Ground Coffee Shop on 36th Street in Hampden. That way they could get into the heroin game.

Rusty Chompers

Not sure what ol' Chewy's point is here or how the Common Ground has anything to do with Wal-Mart being more expensive than Target & Trader Joe's, but since they're inferring things not at all related to what I took to be the point of this post, how about this:

We could thank the 25th St. developers for bringing:
1. a rape region into our neighborhood:
2. a murder mecca into our neighborhood:
3. another drug den into our neighborhood:

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