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Susan Ellsberry

guess the guy just lacked the faith or didn't pray hard enough - bleh - having worked in the health care industry for 25 plus years, two of them directly in mental health, this guy clearly had a psychotic break - what diagnosis will be assigned is yet to be seen. he is brilliant, of the age when schizophrenia or bipolar disorder manifest, and had a substance abuse problem, which many of those afflicted with a mental illness do to quell the internal dialogue. it's not a faith thing or a liberal vs. conservative thing, it's a mental health thing - coupled with the insane ease with which apparently anybody can obtain assault weapons and ammunition akin to par levels of a military organization. the whole thing just sucks, for the obvious victims, and the not so popular, mr. holmes, lo, a victim of his un or poorly treated mental illness. it's random, unfortunate, and inexplicable somehow, though it sure would be nice to package it by blaming a spiritual lacking.

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