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Scott Meek

No, no one gives a shit. Someone on my Facebook page yesterday noted that almost no one ever gets shot in the Columbia Mall, so it's still safe to go there. That wasn't the point. The point is, and will always continue to be this: guns don't kill people; people with guns kill people, and people, as we all know, generally can't be trusted. This is not an issue of mental illness; we just ALL know people who are utterly irresponsible, careless, thoughtless, hopeless, angry, depressed, miserable, waiting to collapse, tired. And we have all been that person, or know that person, that can't handle something - a break-up, getting fired, the traffic one day, missing a promotion. Everyone is hanging on, it seems. Everyone is a mental case waiting to happen. We all know people we don't trust, people we wouldn't let watch our kids or pick up dry cleaning, but they can have a gun. We know men and women who lie and cheat in relationships, but they can have a gun. We all know terrible parents, or people who can't even take care of their dogs, but they can have a gun. Legally. So, I'm not saying people shouldn't be allowed to have access to firearms; hell, I'd be pleased as punch if people were safe and responsible and could protect themselves and maybe even me, but people aren't safe and responsible. People are fucked up and scared and angry and sad and lost - a lot of them are nowadays, and I don't look forward to that one bad day when that person remembers he (or she) has a gun and decides that might just solve his problem.

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