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This isn't over, punk.


Yeah, sure kurt, maybe CNN will show the Dukester getting boned up the ass in prison.

no, not the yacht too!, not, "the Duke-Stir"!

Speaking of which, Colbert ripped "the Duke" a new one

yeah, i'm pilin' on

Oh yeah, and lest we forget, "Duke" was for executing drug kingpins until his son got busted as one, then he's all cryin' and bleedin' heart n' shit, typical conservative
I kept waiting for him to say, "I have sinned" ala Jerry Falwell, I suppose it was pretty damn close.




Oh yeah! You sure told me!


Sorry, I guess I'm just not soft on crime.


Oh, let me guess kurt, you were a cabin-boy on the S.S. Duke-Stir!


Your mother, Stevo.


Wow!, you just keep firin' 'em off doncha?
"Whatever", "your mother" I bet you got a million of 'em.
Shiver me timbers Cabin Boy Kurt, such wit!

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