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as someone who deals with the public on the job, it has been an absolute blast this year having people spit a hateful “I don’t celebrate ‘holidays!’ I celebrate ‘Christmas!’ Do you celebrate Christmas?” at me (... and it is always an identical scripted response). Funny? I’ve been saying “happy holidays” to strangers since I learned to talk. It has never been a problem in the past. Why is it suddenly acceptable for people to ask invasive questions about my religious background in the workplace this year? Now I’m forced to give cold blank stares, risk my employment or lie to people. Thankfully it is only a minority around here.


I don't think it is universally the Republicans, but rather those bastards over at FOX and by FOX I mean, Mr. Bill O'Reilly.


Interesting. So you see FOX News as independendent of the Republican Party and their talking points and not the inhouse propaganda organ of the Republican Regime?

So then surely we'll see FOX News condemn the RNC for wishing people a "Happy Holiday" instead of a "Merry Xmas"?

I'll hold my breath...

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