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Okay, I hate all overly-zealous religious fuckheads. I do think you're missing a chance to swipe our own would-be Talibanesque Bible-thumpers however. Can we SCUD Bob Jones University?


Bob Jones U. It's so fucking generic and white-bread. If I were president I'd SCUD the fuckers. "I thought it was a pen-raised quail or something" (rolling my eyes), "but, I want you to know, I've decided I will take FULL responsibility-yep, that's the kind of guy I am, I'm taking full responsibility for it, even though, technically someone else hit the button and directed the missles there..."


"...and of course they could have followed their conscience and not hit the button", nonetheless, I'm taking full responsibility"
and then the ass lickers in the press could put up headlines that say, " President takes full responsibility" instead of saying something like, "after several days of jaw-dropping shamelessness-the asshole-in-chief admits the obvious and actually assumes a minute semblance of sane adult behavior", (okay, too long to be a headline) still, whew, glad I got that out


"Full responsibility, that's right, I waited a few days, to see if it would blow over, and perhaps see if the blame could be rubbed off on someone else, but after that and spending all of my energy attempting to spin the story, I decided to take FULL responsibility"

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