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I thought the appeaser was Neville Chamberlain. I suppose it's possible that DeGaulle was in on that, perhaps to build more time to construct the Maginot Line?


Wow. I'd fail if I played the "Know Your Famous Frenchmen" Game.

You're right. I was mixed up.

All fixed now



er, um, actually, not to be a dick, but neville chamberlain was english, however, i do beleive the french AND english met w/ germany regarding their acquisition of (geez, now i can't remember if it was czechoslavakia, austria, or hungary)
it is possible deGaulle was there, but, i'm not sure, presumably in the mid 30's he was a substantial entity in france


but yeah, still he is quoting the french, although i guess then they were the "good french"


Crap. I give up.

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