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The Montgomery Advertiser could use help in the editing or proofreading department. Having made that pointless comment, fuck the KKK. Open the borders, get everybody documented and on a path to citizenship if that's what they want. Then there's no such thing as illegal immigration, and you know who's here, they are entitled to fair pay for work, employers can't hire them to save money, nobody's job is being "stolen." Boy am I naive or what?! Of course, the real problem is racism. So fuck the KKK and all these worse-than-useless politicians who play to such racist, xenophobic morons.

It's funny how you Socialists always try to skew the language to change the argument in your favor.
The debate is not "anti-immigrtion", it's "anti-illgeal alien".

You rant about mainstream media and the dreaded Fox News, but you pull the same shit?

This little diatribe would flunk a sophomore rhetoric class for blatantly mischaractarizing the opponent by describing them in loaded terms "anti-immigration" and likening them to neo-nazis.

"Like Hitler" has been laughed out of high school internet forums, why does it fly here?

I guess a rational informed debate is too much work???

Reductio ad Hitlerum

Reductio ad Hitlerum
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The term reductio ad Hitlerum (sometimes rendered reductio ad Hitlerem; whimsical Latin for "reduction to Hitler") was originally coined by University of Chicago professor and ethicist Leo Strauss. The phrase comes from the more well-known logical argument reductio ad absurdum. It is a variety of association fallacy. It may also be described as argumentum ad nazium.

The reductio ad Hitlerum fallacy is of the form "Adolf Hitler or the Nazi party supported X; therefore X must be evil". This fallacy is often effective due to the near-instant condemnation of anything to do with Hitler or the Nazis.

The fallacious nature of this argument is best illustrated by identifying "X" as something that Adolf Hitler or his supporters did promote but which is not considered evil — for example, X = "promoting expressways", X = "wearing khakis", or X = "painting watercolors". Those policies advocated by Hitler and his party that are generally considered evil can all be condemned on other logically solid grounds. It may also be refuted through counterexamples:

* Dwight Eisenhower, who despised Hitler's criminality, admired his Autobahnen and promoted the Interstate Highway System in the United States.
* Hitler's arch-enemy Sir Winston Churchill also painted.
* Non-violence proponent Mohandas Gandhi was also a vegetarian.

The phrase appears in Strauss's writings in the 1950 Natural Right and History, Chapter II:

In following this movement towards its end we shall inevitably reach a point beyond which the scene is darkened by the shadow of Hitler. Unfortunately, it does not go without saying that in our examination we must avoid the fallacy that in the last decades has frequently been used as a substitute for the reductio ad absurdum: the reductio ad Hitlerum. A view is not refuted by the fact that it happens to have been shared by Hitler.

Sundry criminals, religious and political cranks, and tyrants other than Hitler could be used for the same purposes. For example, a reductio ad Stalinum could assert that corporal punishment of wayward children is necessary because Josef Stalin enacted its abolition, or that atheism is a dangerous philosophy because Stalin was an atheist. Yet, it would make as much sense as saying that men with moustaches are evil because both Stalin and Hitler had moustaches.


Okay, Reductio ad Hitlerum, howsabout I just call you Hitler? Since you posted your Wikipedia swipe here too, I'll repost my points as well:

It's like you read but don't understand. Unless you mean to help me prove my point.

So let me spell it out for you.

KKK hates other races. KKK hates immigrants.
(And is seems to be you or those who you defend are the ones who brought the Nazis into this. Why would that be? Oh, perhaps to try and exaggerate the level of conversation, as if to say, "Oh, look, here they go comparing those they don't like to Nazis again." Ya'll invited the Nazis. Everything I've read on this blog said KKK. But perhaps we're splitting hairs a tad. Not much difference, I suppose, between genocidal nazis and racist KKKers. Oh wait, perhaps you'd care to argue that is a False Analogy.)

Other people hate immmigrants too.

Therefore, if you hate immigrants, you may have something in common with the KKK. Rally your forces. Stop the immigrants.

It is not a false analogy (or an "association fallacy), it is a common ground. I don't think any post here said that if you were anti-immigrant, you were the SAME AS the KKK, just that you had common ground. Which you do.

You may not like sharing common ground with the KKK, and who can blame you. Racist douchebags that they are (I'm sure you'll gladly concede that much, yes?). But maybe that's something you should take a long look in the mirror over, not whine on some blog over.

Now, to say saying people who dislike immigrants have something in common with the KKK is the same as saying everyone is similar to a Nazi because Nazis, like all people eat, breathe and procreate is a false analogy.

Saying people who dislike immigrants have something in common with the KKK is not the same thing.

Your arguments are illogical.

Hate and racism are beside the point: there are valid legal, economic and social reasons to dislike immigrants--legal or illegal.

Yet you associate Americans who hold these particular views with a known racist terrorist organization.

This whole site is closer to propaganda than it is to intellectually honest discourse.

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