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Michael J Murray III

When bush was naming the countries that were the axis of evil he left out HIS illegal administration as being a huge part of that axis!!!

A few years ago jeez has it been THAT long? Yeah, I guess time does fly when your having fun. Well anyways I was talking with GOD when my faith was failing because of what the bush was doing to America that I had a hard time grasping.

I asked God WHY WHY??? Bush is committing these actions in your name and I just don't understand why Your letting him get away with it. What I received in reply was a very calm feeling and the word "wait".

Well, I've been calmly waiting with short outbursts of rage at this bush doing what ever the hell he in his arrogant style does apparently without fear of any reprisal.

IF America survives this clown which I have my doubts about we can survive anything!

The truth of the matter I'm more upset with the Americans who voted??? for the bush. That is if I believed these election weren't fix.

Election 2000 we all know what happened in that election. It was fixed by the extreme court.

Election 2004 I believe it was the chairman of diebold electronic voting. It has been proven it wouldn't have been difficult at all to make those machines count the votes wrong.

More votes than registered voters? Intimidation by repuke thugs?

The huge voter turn out from young voters and they voted for bush??? Bushit!!! Don't buy it for a second.

A friend of mine tells me this: A thief is a liar is a murder a murder is a thief is a liar. Well well well the bush fits right into that saying don't you think?

I just remember reading tonight that the Iraqi death toll is 600,000+ dead INNOCENT Iraqi civilians dead because of the bush and HIS war!!!

Ain't my war! I'm Alaskan first American second!

The only thing I agree with that the bush has mumbled is that the guilty will be held accountable. I want the bush held accountable for HIS WAR CRIMES!!!

It certainly looks like the republican party is walking the plank as more and more Americans realize they've been following an idiot for almost 8 loonggggg years! Him and his cronies!

And mcain jeez what a loser! I mean I respect what he's been through with being held in a prisoner of war camp in VietNam, BUT him wimping out because of that bush and now kissing his ass makes me want to puke and he's runnng for president?

It seems to me that many many many Americans have become balls!!! What happened???

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