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I was going to show, but then I saw the numbers change in favor of Steele, nobody in the news was making a big deal about it, so I figured it was just the way the votes were coming in, still, I thought I might jinx it if I showed up. Superstitious? yeah, it's amazing what seeing nationwide bullshit will do to me.
Example: the media makes a big two-day deal about John Kerry botching a joke, the Repubs accidently releasing detailed information about making an atom bomb?-in Arabic no less? Apparantly that's not such a big deal. Certainly not as significant, evidently as botching a joke and possibly hurting our troops' feelings.


I'm trying to be a good sport here at work, where I'm pretty much the only Dem.
Co-Worker: "Good Morning Steve, how are you?"
Me:"Speaker Pelosi!"
Co-Worker: I'm Sorry?
Me:"Speaker Pelosi! Speaker Pelosi, Speaker Pelosi! eh, heh heh heh",

oh bobbie smooth! whatcha gonna do? i know, start forging absentee ballots! you only need about 98,000 or so, give or take, maybe him and the puppy fucker can work together selling oreo cookies


Any comment from Steele, you know, like a concession speech? He's down by 152,000+ votes w/ 97% of the vote counted. How long is he going to go denying the inevitable?


Will Steele and Ehrlich start railing against "activist vote counters"?

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