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The robots need new slogans:

It does not matter what you imagine your imaginary god to hate. We are still taking over!

Your puny human religions will not help you when the Great Robot Wars come!!!

More as I think of'em.


I'm kind of new at this, howzabout?...
"Gay Zombie Robots will do your mother and convert her to Satan"


Another form of counterprotest is making a donation to an organization that the Westboro Baptist Church would hate, such as Equality Maryland or any Baltimore AIDS charity.

For example, if you make a donation to Moveable Feast through their Ride for the Feast donation site, you can specify who your donation is in honory of. Type in "Westboro Baptist Church" and turn their hate into something good for the community. I'm sure Pastor Phelps would be thrilled to know he'd inspired such generosity.

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