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Twenty years, (life), potentially, for one poke? Jeezus. It might be better as a defendant to say you weren't fucking, but, assaulting the other person with your penis/cooch, oh excuse me, let me use "the scientific word", cock.

Ilya Yablochnikov

Ok, I mailed in my list on December 31st (you are supposed to write why you put them in there? Why didn't you tell me?) and have since seen a few movies that make me want to amend my top 10:

Put in "Children Of Men" at #3 and Idiocracy at #5 (above Clean)

It's not that I've only seen 6 movies this year. It's that most of them don't deserve to be in any sort of top list (sorry The Departed, I was with you until the last 15 minutes).

And I still haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth.

Also, check IMDB people! The New World, Brick, V For Vendetta are all from 2005

And finally The Guatemalan Handshake is the biggest piece of shit I ever paid to see (thanks whoever recommended it in the Shank...I know your motives were pure, nevertheless I am still bitter about it). The movie is trying so hard to be quirky. It's bathetic. It's retarded. It's like reading an 8th grader's bad poetry on Livejournal. There's no story (worth talking about) and none of the characters evoked even a shred of feeling in me.

Ilya Yablochnikov

Woops, wrong post. Reposted.

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