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Ilya Yablochnikov

Ok, I mailed in my list on December 31st (you are supposed to write why you put them in there? Why didn't you tell me?) and have since seen a few movies that make me want to amend my top 10:

Put in "Children Of Men" at #3 and Idiocracy at #5 (above Clean)

It's not that I've only seen 6 movies this year. It's that most of them don't deserve to be in any sort of top list (sorry The Departed, I was with you until the last 15 minutes).

And I still haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth.

Also, check IMDB people! The New World, Brick, V For Vendetta are all from 2005

And finally The Guatemalan Handshake is the biggest piece of shit I ever paid to see (thanks whoever recommended it in the Shank...I know your motives were pure, nevertheless I am still bitter about it). The movie is trying so hard to be quirky. It's bathetic. It's retarded. It's like reading an 8th grader's bad poetry on Livejournal. There's no story (worth talking about) and none of the characters evoked even a shred of feeling in me.

Ilya Yablochnikov

Best TV.

Clearly it's Jim Cramer's "Mad Money". This guy is so good I think they keep him on 24/7 (whenever I flip past CNBC, there he is). This guy could be talking about freaking auto-part maker profit margins and I'd listen (oh, wait, he does). He makes your favorite animated tv personality look like Al Gore. He smashes things with hammers. He presses buttons that make air horn noises. He is not just a clown, he talks about business things intelligently. I'd vote for him if he ran for president. Booya!


Ilya, sorry if the instructions were unclear. Explanations as to why items were listed were encouraged. And while you sent your list in on December 31, the deadline was actually January 8, I think. Don't get me wrong, I totally appreciate people not waiting until the last minute.

Then, since no 2 people format their lists (and often some don't use capitalization and punctuation), it takes some time for me to compile them.

Also, while IMDB has V For Vendetta listed as 2005, I would put that date in dispute. I'm not sure why they list it like that. I taught the graphic novel in my Cultural Studies class at Towson in the Spring 2006 semester, and the movie had not been released yet until midway through the semester (I offered it up as an extra credit assignment). Plus, I'm looking at a list of 2006 movies in Entertainment Weekly V for Vendetta is on it.

The New World did get a limited theatrical release at the end of 2005.

And I'm not sure what you mean by comparing chair-thrower Cramer to Al Gore. Gore is actually pretty damn charismatic, dispite how he's been characterized (and marginalized) in the conservative, corporate media. Your description makes Cramer sound like the Gallagher of business "reporters."

Interesting that is something you look for in a leader.

Man, Gallagher (or his twin brother who often pretended to be him) could smash the shit outta melons though. I guess that's kinda what Bush has done in Iraq.


Yeah, ok, I was just using the stereotype of Gore to make a point. Nothing against the guy.
I was joking about Cramer for president but I am totally serious when I say he has the best show on television. If he only got half the hype that Colbert gets.

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