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The Orgin of the LunchBastard:

Really quick.

I started writing as LunchMasterDave and I would rhyme my lunch blog. It soon turned into me verbally slapping folks. LunchBastardDave was born and from there on people write with the "LunchBastard" name only to say unintelligent stupid crap.(*which continues to this very day)
Some jackass even called himself the "Original", which honestly flattered me. I keep the same tone, make fun of spelling and I never eat gourmet lunches or suck penis.

Word to your Moms.


Anus McGillicutty

Weeeeeellllll well well, I'll bet you never thought ol' Marshal Anus would find you here, did you Dave? You're not much too big on the brains, but hot damn if you ain't big on the cock smokin'. You know you love my buttery, reeking, unwiped anus! That's right, it's Marshal Anus and I'm the sheriff in these anus parts!

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