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Before someone writes in to bitch that you are talking numbers, not rates (a legitimate criticism, since a big crime decrease wouldn't be all that impressive if there had been an even bigger population decrease), I just located population figures for 2000 (closest I could find) and 2005: 651,154 and 643,000 respectively. Between the resulting rates, the change only shrinks a little bit, from your -40.6%to -39.9%, 2000-2005.

Yeah, I'm bored.


...and I guess even that might be accounted for since I was using 2000's and not 1999's population figure...

I'll just shut up now and get back to work.


Have you seen these sites yet?

Map of Homicides for 2007

And this will create a map of crimes in the last 90 days in a particular area. It will cover up to 1/2 mile radius and 14-day time span.

I was mugged at the end of March in front of the Monument at Charles and Monument.

That was fun.

Mobtown Shank

Christen: Yep. I was actually playing around on the crime map yesterday.

Thanks for the links.

Sorry to hear you were mugged.

Dude tried to mug me at gun point a few years back on Read St. when I lived in Mount Vernon.

I was in a bad mood and told him to shoot me.

His mugging was unsuccessful. And I was not shot.

ADT Home

Wow, I'm impressed with the police budget! Is it what we are paying our taxes for?

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