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But even at $3.20 it's still cheaper than a gallon of Evian.


So that's the litmus test? As long as a gallon of gas is cheaper than a gallon of Evain, we're good?


Just the opposite -- is it right to complain about gas prices while they remain cheaper than premium water?


I think it's right to complain about both, but definitely for gas, especially since the oil companies are reporting record profits.


I don't get the correlation.

And just to be clear, you are not talking about water prices, you are talking about Evain prices.

You're comparing apples to orang... er, water to gas.

A gallon of Polan Springs or Deerpark is cheaper than a gallon of gas. However, as gas prices go up, so will these water prices.

A gallon of tap water is cheaper than a gallon of gas.

And in some instances, it's even free.

I suspect that you have no point.


Unless you're just pissed you have to spend so much on Evian.

Christ, have you seen the prices on a bottle of Gerolsteiner? Yowza.


Water from the Jordan River was $10 a pop, three or four years ago, at least at the Christian breakfast place in Rehoboth Beach. The breakfast sucked, any place that can't make a decent breakfast should just close down, but, then again, maybe it's just because I worship Satan.
I'm sorry, what were we talking about?


See, the argument Mr. "Eurocrank" is floating is the "stop your belly-achin', at least it's cheaper than _____________________ (fill in the blank), and we're not complaining about that" argument.

CLICK HERE for Eurocrank's bogus talking points.

It's a ridiculous argument. And the people who feed it to the "Eurocranks" of the world are even lying to them.

According to their stats, a gallon of Evian is $21.19.

Ha. Amazon is selling Evian at 50.7 ounces for $1.69

There are 128 ounces in a gallon.

That means a gallon of Evian would run ya $4.27.

And as gas prices continute to climb, so too will the price of Evian.

The other problem, aside from the lying, with this argument is that the American economy isn't fueled on Lipton Iced Tea or Ocean Spray or Gatorade or Snapple.

We don't need it to commute, to power our homes or to transport goods and render services.

But, I suspect, Eurocrank knows all that and is merely interested in spreading bogus propaganda for the oil industry.

Mobtown Shank

Is the price of a gallon of gas still cheaper than the price of a gallon of Kool-Aid, Eurocrank? I would think you would know offhand Kool-Aid prices offhand as you certainly have been drinking a lot of it.


I wonder how much a gallon of bullshit costs when compared to a gallon of gas?

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