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They had an editorial on gas prices in the Sun this morning, it espoused a lot of the same talking points going around, "still cheaper than Europe" etc.
I think the important facts and #'s are that the oil companies are making record profits and that they weren't sworn in while giving testimony to Congress and it appears that what they said now appears to be "inoperative"


I saw something this morning were it was basically said that pushing for bio-fuel will keep the prices up. Cause if people want bio-fuel why re-open refineries that were closed. Despite the fact that Most people are talking about bio-fuel because gas is expensive now. I wish I had a diesel truck. Better yet just allow me to tie a horse off to bike racks and railings. Carrots are affordable.


How about this equation:
Finite Source + Continued Use = ?
I think it's hard for me and other people to sort out a lot of the "facts" that we get, but I don't care what some of the so-called, "experts" spout, that's ultimately what it comes down to, might biofuel be the answer?, and would it causes an immediate increase in gas prices, (which is questionable), maybe, maybe not, but if nothing else, every dollar is a dollar towards finding another option and shows more willingness to do so
I still think the best way to deal with energy use reduction is to issue low interest loans to homeowners for new more energy efficient windows/doors and insulation/etc.
This sort of conservation would definitely stimulate the US economy, improve the quality of life, and is more understandable and considered more, "down to earth"


no, i didn't just discover quotation marks

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