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Firstly, I like to say I'm glad I don't get asshole emails like this.
The "logic" used in this "argument" is so batshit insane and so fucking strained it's ridiculous.
"the birds screamed and were loud" (or some such shit) I have a lot of birds in my yard, doesn't happen to me, "demanded food"?
Is this like some nuerosis/psychosis like in a Poe story. "the loudness of the birds, AIIEEE!!!, curse you and your demonic cacaphony! stop with your accursed demands!"
I guess you could respond with the fact that there was a lot less spiders and other bugs around, but probably not to this person.
"Well, you'd think there'd be less bugs, but the bird shit just attracted more, and all of them lazy birds just laid all over the sidewalk with the pot bellies sticking out, burping loudly and making teeny lil' picket signs.


The only ones that should be allowed to bitch about immigration are Indigenous Americans. Now THEY got shafted, maybe the email person is worried that we'll get the same treatment that we gave.


How about sending a new email?:
I am the writer of the "Birdfeeder" email. I fully renounce my prior message under no undo coercion or threat of violence whatsoever. I now see the error of my ways and wish to say "VIVA BIRDLAND! Tweet tweet, tweetweetweetweet"

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