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I like it when people say he ran a baseball team, (the Texas Rangers-and seriously, is that anything to be that friggin' proud of-even if it were true?)
he was an assistant general manager, basically, he was like an executive producer, daddy's money and power bought him an office that he could get him access and nice tickets for his pals
he probably DOES know more about baseball than he does anything else, but, even then he probably knows fuck-all
i wonder when some disgruntled gm or ranger exec. is going to break out with the dipshit info. shrub tried to push during his tenure


I sometimes get the feeling that America is being run like a baseball franchise; shoddy product, overhype, ominous numbers, suffering from past serious errors in judgment, expecting continued deferrance due to past accomplishments, (some of which are completely deluded and grandiose).
That deficit aint gettin' any smaller and the environment aint gettin' any nicer, and our allies are treating us like a loser drinking buddy that's fucked up for the umpteenth last fucking time.
When I think of what Bush's legacy will be, words fail me, I don't think any epitath could be too cruel for he and his handlers/cronies.

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