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Well, is someone who has "terroristic" items likely to call the FD anyway? If I were one, I'd probably just take off.

Also, I don't think it's inherently unreasonable that the FD be trained how to spot hazardous items like that. I guess one question would be, what is the procedure if a fireman spies some weed in your place. Are they obligated to report it? Is it as if you had invited cops into your house and therefore usable as evidence?

In the end, however, even if this idea could be put to good use, I think you'll end having firemen reporting things that aren't really an issue, whether the FD directs them to or not.

It's the same sort of thing you see from cops and normal citizens in the wake of 2001, e.g., photographers seeming to be continuously harassed by the paranoid and authoritarian.


BAD, BAD IDEA. It will definitely inhibit people from calling the fire dept., plus, let's be honest, you're telling me the fire dept. people don't talk to the cops when they see things like automatics and such?
and yes firemen and police talk quite a lot, who do you think buys a lot of the confiscated dope and misc. from the police?


Right, but people who are going to be wary of the FD or PD looking around are going to be wary regardless of whether now they're looking for chemical weapons or whatever. Or, not even looking for, presumably, but noticing if they happen to see them.

I don't really see this as likely to scare of anyone new. Now, if you think the FD is going to start reporting people for having anarchist books and other things that a paranoid person construe as indicators of terrorism, then you're getting into a bigger problem.

Bottom line is, regardless of this new push, if I've got questionable things around the house, I'm going to be wary of calling the cops or FD.

As to whether or not the FD talks to the PD about things they see, I'm sure they do. The question is, whether or not what they see on a fire call can then be used as evidence by the cops. My guess is that it can. I don't think this new push really changes anything, unless it broadens what tips the cops can use as probable cause to come back and do another search or otherwise harass the person.

Like I said, though, this is stuff they already no doubt do, so I'm not sure there's really any change.


I think the fire dept. should be dealing primarily with fires etc. I don't think anything additionally exstensive needs to be added to that. I think anything obvious would be relayed to the police, I'm guessing, if nothing else, in an "unofficial capacity".
As for politicizing this stuff, I think this administration has long ago lost any kind of benefit of doubt. Actually, with this administration, there is no doubt, it's ALL political.


This is what it looks like when an open society begins closing.

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