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I think he just means the "bad gooks" not the "good ones", you know, the ones that vote for him and send him campaign money, I doubt the corporate media will ever call Mr. $traighttalk on it, they all seemed shocked, shocked I tell you that anyone would accuse him of adultery (again), he appears and shakes hands with right wing hate guys and doesn't get called on it, Obama gets questioned about if he'll disavow what Farrakhan and Harry Belafonte say, (even though he's never talked to them). Maybe we can help Tim Russert out and come up with a list of any and all African Americans that have ever said or done anything remotely questionable, "a black kid punched me in the chest in third grade 'cos I wouldn't give him my popsicle money, Senator Obama, do you approve of that sort of thing?"


This of course allows anyone that feels victimized by any religious/racial group to feel justified to invoke slurs. This can not be good for our country. It's one thing to be a "straight talker" (which is debatable), it's another thing to be a loudmouth asshole. I guess the people that consider this kind of thing to be "straight talk" kind of let on about what they're really thinking.


As long as it's straight talk. Just don't start spouting that gay talk in front of me. (just to be clear, that's sarcasm)


figured it as sarcasm, but these days, sad to say, with the stupid running rampant, i usually feel compelled to say so as well

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