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Too bad the Baltimore trans-fat ban only applies to restaurants not processed foods.

And honestly the Cirty Council should have MUCH higher priorities than window dressing laws like this one.


I love the protests to this one, but I think they should also fight for the right to have Yellow #5 and Red #6. Oh, and make t-shirts that say "Stay away from High Fructose Cornsyrup".

Maybe if every law involved some sort of junk food or one of it components people would investigate them.


As I understand it, regulation of processed foods relates to goods that travel over state lines, which means it needs to be regulated on a Federal level.


And I like people who argue, "God dammit, the guvment ain't got no right to tell me I can't eat the cancer if'n I wants to!"


They'll take my Jalopeno Nacho Cheese Dip can from me when they can pry it out of my cold dead chubby sausage-like embolism-sticken fingers!


or rather, "...when they pry it out of one of the layers of fat on my ass", actually, could someone pry it out of one of the layers of my ass?, but first, call the nice firemen to see if they can help me off the couch again


That's right. You don't even need to get off the couch/toilet anymore.

Just fuse, baby.


Seems to me a lot of people who complain about "big government" intrusion like trying to keep basically poisonous trans fats (admittedly a slow poison) out of food are a lot of the same people who want there to be a fine for flag burning. NOT ALL of them, but I know there's a correlation.


yes, "gov't intervention" is sad to say parlayed like "states rights", if i don't agree with it, i can use that complaint
it's not so believable if it's not consistant

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