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Well at least BP/Shell are doing well. I was upset last year when Exxon made the largest yearly profits in history. I was hoping the other big oil co.'s wouldn't be far behind. It's nice to see that they've caught up.


Roads? Infrastructure? Bridges Shmidges! I guess you're still adhering to that "theory of gravity" stuff. Ya know it IS just a theory. If a bridge collapses you just need to pray to God more, that way, angels will fly under your car and ferry you over to the other side. That's what we need! Not "Pay Tolls" but "Pray Tolls"! Stupid God-hating government!


a wand to go with the reverse Midas-touch?


ok, maybe a magic wand would help.


I would not want him to be anywhere near a magic wand, although i suspect the wand maybe somewhere close to all of those Iraqi WMDs.

The Blob

He was given a magic wand in the form of a worse than useless "opposition" Democratic party that went along into Iraq for oil. A lot of good it did Halliburton, Bechtel, et al.

Amboy Dukes

So it's the Democratic Party's fault that the Republicans did this to America?


I mean, let's just overlook the Republicans controlling all 4 branches of Gov't (I'm counting the media there).

How dare the Democratic minority who was fed bogus information by the Bush Admin. not stop the Republicans from invading Iraq!

And you're right, this war has done a lot of good for Halliburton, et al. And who is still making money off of Halliburton?

Oh right, Cheney. One of the loudest beaters of the drums of war.

Let's stay focused and keep the blame where it belongs. On the Republicans.

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