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Yeah, well, Dr. Mengele performed experiments too so maybe we should just quit practicing medicine and ask God to heal our bodies. That's worked so very well.

I wonder if Ben Stein has decided to stop using any of the products or knowledge that "science" has brought to the world. If so, is it just post-Holocaust science?


My maxim is, you refuse to accept science, you don't get to use electricity.


I wonder if Ben Stein knows that these kooks at TBN also believe that, after Israel reclaims all of their Old Testament lands, Jesus will return to Earth and kill all non-Christians. I love how Jewish neoconservatives like Stein and Bill Kristol are oblivious to the fact that they are secretly reviled by their radical right-wing soulmates.


And the last time I heard from his god, he was wiping out New Orleans because the gays were going to have a parade. Jesus.

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