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Slutbucks actually is a good name. I would probably buy more coffee with that name. I like my women like I like my coffee: black, strong and with a spoon!


Heh, "Slutbucks", a couple of pragmatic epiphanies, and Mr. Dice could make a lot of money in advertising.
I think technically the symbol of the mermaid holding each end of her tail did derive from more suggestive imagery. So, yes, in a way, he's correct. I'm not sure why people like this pick something like this, however, as opposed to boycotting the days of the week first, you know, being named after pagan dieties and all. Still, I guess it's better than blowing up abortion clinics.


I mean, let these people channel their energies on chain store marginal suggestive imagery, they're gonna focus on somethin', so have the puritanical poseurs charge that windmill, meanwhile I'll be down at the local Smut Barn, lookin' at pictures of REAL slutty and nekkid mermaids!




They'll have to make sure there are no Starbucks on military bases or serving their personnel, since it might make them go on carnal rampages.

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