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Maybe Caleb and aaron should bus these "heartlanders" into Baltimore city and let them roam around for a week or so. I'm sure they would all convert to the democratic party. They could explain to the heartlanders, "35 years of steady progress was slowed down by Ehrlich but we're back on track now!"
Regarding President Bush: when human beings fail you, you do not respond by compromising your values and principles. Conversely, if you have no values and principles, you just chant the quote of the day that echoes within the shit infested fishbowl.

Amboy Dukes

When the ideology proves to be corrupt, vapid and an utter failure, it is fair to expect a rational person to reflect on that ideology and perhaps adjust.

And Baltimore City has hardly been guided by progressive ideals, before crybaby Ehrlich was our Gov. or after. It is guided by corporate and developmental interests.

And again, we see the failures of that ideology and yet people cling to it dearly for fear of the unknown.

Kinda like they way the so called heartlanders are all scared of Mexicans.

Rusty Chompers

"Guadalupe" perfectly illustrates how Conservo/Repubs are, psychologically, able to divorce themselves from all the damage that's been done to this country since the Republicans have controlled all 4 branches (I'm counting the media there) of government. Let's not just pin this on Bush and his administration, let all levels of our Republican controlled government share in the blame.

As for these "heartlanders" somehow seeing Baltimore as evidence/proof of some kind of flawed, conservative worldview - I see folks from the suburbs coming into just about every neighborhood in the city all weekend long and loving it.

And yes, "Guadalupe," yer boy Bobby did side track us for a few years financially (just as Bush's cuts in fed funding to states & cities), but we do seem to be getting back on track. It's awesome that you noticed that Baltimore is improving without the economic punishment of a Republican gov.

Maybe Republicans should sit out a couple of election cycles and let us fix/clean up their mess so they'll have a nearly-new country to screw up again.

Hubris, ineptness, greed, cronyism, false piety, hypocrisy, a party before country, and a lack of intellect. Conservo/repubs really have a lot going for them.

Dumb and arrogant is no way to go through life. And it can really wreck a country.


You commies are just as bad as the terrorists. You want to destroy America!


I don't think the "commies" could destroy America any faster than the neocons and Bush.


They've fucked up the banks, the military, FEMA and the rest of our infrastructure. The fucked up our Constitution, the environment, the middle income families.
It's hard to think of something they didn't screw up.


Fear of the unknown??? Then let's explore what we know. We live in an age of a global economy which is only going to get more interconnected. Virtually every country currently embracing free markets, democracy and capitalism our experiencing economic wealth and higher standards of living for it's citizens. Newly freed country's in the Balkans have adapted the flat tax as well as Scotland which is one of many reasons why Europe's economy has stagnated for the past decade. All LEFT of center forms of government (fascist, communist, socialist, populist, theocracy's and dictatorships which have the common idealogy of centralized planning) continue to oppress the poor and women and suppress hope and prevent millions from an opportunity to experience a better life. But every Progressive you meet thinks they can do it better because they care more.
Baltimore City, where I have lived and worked my entire life has been destroyed by progressive principles. 72% of welfare funding is sucked up by beauracracy. 28% gets to the recipiants. I say fire everyone who works in S.S. except for one guy to write the checks and give IT ALL TO THEM, (WHITE OR BLACK) $13,000.00 per student is spent by B.C. schools system. I say fire everone who works for the school system who doesn't go to a school somewhere to work. Determine the amount of students in a school and multiply it by 13,0000.00 and give the money to the principles to spend with PTA oversight. Legalize drugs to help the crime situation. In 10 years the suburbanites will move back to the city they love rather than visiting Canton, Federal Hill or the Harbor once or twice a month. Try to pry social security and public education away from a progressive and his head will spin as he vomits pea soup.
I do agree that dumb and arrogant is no way to go through life:)

Rusty Chompers

First of all, there is no such thing as a "free market." It is a bogus delusion. And those who argue for "free markets" are disingenuous as their recent cries for financial bailouts over our recent economic implosion can attest. They don't really mean "free markets," they mean "unregulated markets."

Democracy and capitalism are not intertwined. While capitalism does better under a democracy, democracy does not need capitalism.

Democracy is the political system on which America was founded. Capitalism is an economic system which has nothing to do with our Constitution, Declaration of Independence or the founding of America. You'll notice the words "business" or "corporations" do not appear anywhere in the above mentioned documents. They're kind of like god in that regard.

In fact, should a majority of the people feel that free market capitalism is no longer in their best interests, and let's be honest here Guad, more and more people are waking up to that fact everyday, they can easily vote into place other sorts of economic programs that will replace this destructive free market capitalism.

You also seem to wallow in some weird false sense of cultural superiority. You gloat that somehow leftist regimes are oppressing the masses and that capitalism is sweeping the world with democratic change and reform?

Wasn't it democracy that brought Hamas into leadership in Palestine? Isn't democracy having a hard time in Iraq?

You realize we no longer have habeas corpus in the US, yes? You realize our government illegally detains and tortures people? You realize that our government illegally spies on US citizens? I'm sure you do, but you find this somehow acceptable. These are principles on which you are willing to compromise. Free market capitalism though, maybe not so much.

And you realize that China, which now dominates the world economy is communist, right? Sure it's not pure communist, but it is a communist nation.

Okay. Sure you do.

And despite what you try to misrepresent, juntas and military dictatorships are not progressive or liberal. In fact, they have far more in common with the Bush Administration than they do the progressive nations of Europe. Or are you trying to conflate the leftist countries of South and Central America with the military juntas of Africa and Asia? You wouldn't be trying to do that, would you, Guad?

Welfare funding? Hahahah. Oooh... you people are still worked up about those lazy welfare moms living high on the hog even though Clinton Administration effectively dismantled welfare? And where are you getting your stats from, by the way?

And yes, I agree, our school system is fucked. I kind of think that one transcends party politics, but maybe you disagree.

Suburbanites moving back into the city? As a city resident, why the hell would I want suburbanites moving back into Baltimore. Weird how you see them as the city savior.

Oh, you're down on both public education and social security? Am I talking to a libertarian? You know, there was a time when America had neither. I don't think regressing is the way to go there.

Glad you agree that dumb and arrogant is no way to go through life ;)


Wow, you have a whole lot of stupid going on there, Guadalupe.
Europe's economy is floundering? Seems to me that Euro's doing pretty good these days, not sure if you caught that.
"Fascism", "theocracy" and "dictatorships" as leftist? I know RC already kind of addressed this, but what the hell are you talking about? Those are Right wing forms of gov't, not Left, yeah, sometimes i get my left and right mixed up, but usually just with directions. I know the righties always talk about "liberal fascists" but out in the real world that's known as an "oxymoron". Kind of like "luddite techies"
"Every progressive thinks they can do better because they care more"?, uhm, okay, this is what's known as a "generalization". It's not regarded as actual sound reasoning, just an indicator of someone venting.
Social Security is overwhelmingly popular with the majority of American people. It remains because this is a democracy, and a majority of people have continually supported it and still do. It isn't just liberals that are staunchly for it, a lot of people would be very upset about this, that was one of Bush's first big losses if you recall.
Public education? Yes, it's having a rough time, due to lack of funding. I had a public education, it helped me to determine really bad arguments, and avoid generalizations and faulty political comments re: liberal/conservative, totalitarianism v. anarchy. It does work, and will continue to work, doing away with it IS a terrible idea, and horrifically ineffective.
Countries that have universal health care always have problems with it, people that complain, and at times, difficulties funding it. I could say the same about the highways as well, are you against funding them?

Amboy Dukes

"Countries that have universal health care always have problems with it, people that complain, and at times, difficulties funding it. I could say the same about the highways as well, are you against funding them?"

I'm betting he is.

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