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So GE is responsible for their deaths, as opposed to Bush, Congress, and people like O'Reilly who have pushed and continue to push the war (which probably does include NBC/GE/etc., as well)?


Because evidently in their world, Iran is now officially our enemy and actively killing US soldiers in Iraq. And since GE is doing business with Iran, that's kind of the same to them as like when Bush's grandpappy worked with the Nazis.

I'm very concerned with what seems to pass with common acceptance that Iran is now officially our enemy.


Whatever happened to Al Qaeda and the Taliban? Were they not good enough real enemies? We had to start fabricating new ones?


God, they're incredible. Unfortunately for O'Reilly, Olbermann's show is the most popular on MSNBC and has made him a hero to the Left. Even a sidetracked attack on GE is easily seen as a clear attack in defense of the indefensible O'Reilly.

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