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MM "man, i need an easy victory, some paper windmill to toss over to feel and look significant...oh my god! that's it! Dunkin Donuts!..."
DD "(to themselves) okay, this is total bullshit, but it's one commercial, and those basement basket cases of hers probably pound away a lot of our product, yeah, sure"
Benn, you realize of course that the rabid right has no reservations of contradicting themselves on a regular basis whatsoever, it's whatever they say RIGHT NOW, "i said something completely opposite before? what are you a historical revisionist?!!"
you can't argue with the insane, as for DD, I don't buy their product and I don't want to pretend I will, and sure they're going to puss out, they're a frickin' lame ass chain donut shop,
should they have? yeah, well, on the list of atrocities, i gotta put this one further down on the list


Maybe MM was bucking for DD spokesperson. "that bitch rachel ray, I READ FOR THAT PART!"


I got it, she got pissed off because somebody at her local DD didn't recognize her and give her an extra cream and sugar, "don't you know who I am? I'm Michele fucking Malken, GODDAMMIT! I'll destroy you!"

F. Pants McFadden

The most infuriating thing about this nonsense is that the majority of the discussion I've seen centers on whether or not she is wearing a keffiyeh. In my mind, the true problem with Malkin's argument is her seemingly-unchallenged assertion that The keffiyeh, for the clueless, is the traditional scarf of Arab men that has come to symbolize murderous Palestinian jihad."

I am not from the middle east, and I don't spend any time there. So correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the keffiyeh a cultural item of clothing that terrorists happen to wear because people there wear it?

Malkin and her ilk drop these false and ignorant factoids and their readers accept them as true. It's really sad.


The only discussion should be is if MM needs to increase her medication.


excuse me, HOW MUCH she needs to increase her meds.


YES!!!! Thanks for the MM photo. Come to think of it, she looks like one of those Philipino Al Qeda people, Abu Saif or something. Or maybe an Indonesian Muslim like the terrorist-loving Obama.
But seriousley, Rachel Ray has a paisley on her scarf. My girlfriend and I both bought that same scarf in London 2 mo. ago because it was so fashionable there. Tres sheik. Get it? (fugg'off)

funnier yet..I've been getting emails from left wing anti-establishment nuts wanting to boycot Dunkin Donuts for pulling the add and caving in to right wing nuts. Right and Left are both fucking donuts on this one.

Rusty Chompers

The problem is that when someone gives in to this sort of pressure from a crazy wing faction, they legitimize their claims, enable them, and embolden them.

The proper response for DD would have been to ignore Malkin and her ilk. But since they caved to the pressures of the fringe right, it's perfectly normal, strategically speaking, for there to be pushback on the left to counterbalance that.

Otherwise, every time a right wing nutjob like Malkin claims something, people will cave because there is no downside to giving in.


I hear what you're saying RC, but jeezus, DD is apparently such a pushover, I say let 'em just lie there like the docile invertabrate they are, maybe saving our powder on this one would be advisable


okay, RC, I contacted DD, and basically called them wusses, and gave 'em the ol' "those that sacrifice freedom in order to...."
yeah, that oughta set 'em straight

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