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It occurred to me when I wrote them, (and I included it), the idea of how is this going to make any of their of Middle Eastern origin customers/employees/franchise owners feel? Knowing that any inference of Middle Eastern culture is to be shunned?


Apparently she's a regular at The Fractured Prune in Towson. I'm not saying penalize this place- they are faultless- but there's no harm in giving her crap outside if you see her, is there? Only if she doesn't have her daughter with her, of course.

Amboy Dukes

Does Malkin live in Towson or something?


or go "subtle" and ask her to sign an autograph of the aforementioned picture of her and her keffiyeh, if she's dumb enough to do that, then ask her to date it

Goober McGilucudy


Michelle Malkin is a supporter of the radical Islamic sect lead by Abu Bakar Bashir.

Just look at the symbol hanging from the chain on her neck in this photo

This is clearly Abu's "Death to America" emblem!


Pass the word, don't let this terrorist skate on her Anti-American activities!



Here's my response from DD:
"Thank you for sharing your comments. We always appreciate hearing from our customers. The intent of the online ad featuring Rachael Ray wearing a paisley silk scarf was to promote iced coffee. Given the surprising and truly unfortunate interpretation of this ad from some of our consumers, we decided to pull the ad and replace it with another as it is no longer serving its intended purpose, which was to simply promote our iced coffee---nothing more, nothing less.
At Dunkin' Donuts, we value all of our customers and remain steadfastly committed to making your experiences with us both memorable and pleasant. Thank you, again, for making us aware of your concerns; it is appreciated"



yeah, i got the "nothing more nothing less-geez, we're only tryin' to sell coffee!" line.
Their response is disappointing, but...., it's just hard for me to kick them anymore at this point.

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