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waitaminit, there's more than just bowling scores, and orange juice? yer crazy


Bowling scores and OJ? Stevo, I understand most of your posts, but I'm missing something there.

As for media reform, what would that entail? Granted, the media may not be living up to their office, but in what way would Congress address that without restricting their independence (which they seem to be foregoing)?


Oh, when Obama ordered orange juice instead of coffee at a diner, suddenly the media brandished that as "proof" that he wasn't a "regular guy", geez, good thing it wasn't anything foofy, like a cran spritzer, we'd all still be hearing about it.
The other reference is about all the news coverage on Obama's poor bowling score. McCain flubs "shia" and "sunni" four times in the course of 24 hrs, lies about walking down the streets of an Iraq city and likening it to "a stoll down anytown USA (yeah, i always go for a jaunt in a bullet proof vest, accompanies by Black Hawk helicopters and 100 armed servicemen), the coverage? nada, but, Obama rolls a couple of gutter balls, and it's seemingly front page news.
Whew! sure glad that there aint a war going on!
As for Media Reform, I agree, it's a dicey subject, but, I think de-centralizing the media, limiting who can own a news media outlet, etc. would be a good step in the right direction. Donohue got fired because the bigwigs didn't want any anti-war sentiment. It had great ratings, but, was considered a no-no. I fully believe Yellin's claim, as a matter of fact, I'd go so far as to say that it was pretty goddamn obvious.



So, don't the corporations tout that they are supposed to do what increases their profits? In that case, shouldn't the high ratings, which are what presumably drives their ad revenues, be justification for leaving Donohue? I guess one could argue that some of their sponsors would leave in spite of the ratings,thus decreasing their revenue, but then it would be the sponsors violating their "free-market" laws.

I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it if they were just consistent. It's no good to justify your actions with one reason and then turn around and go back on them and think they're in any way consistent.

What really ought to happen is that people ought to not watch these programs/channels and then they should fail as a result. That won't happen because a) people don't really think and b) they aren't given much of an alternative on TV, with alternative sources being kept out.

There is, of course, all sorts of other media out there to use, but it can be overwhelming for some.

Rusty Chompers

One reason why there should be congressional hearings is to figure out what kind of media regulation might be in the interest of the public.

Over the years of the Bush Admin., media consolidation has grown. This has hurt the American public in the diversity of voices. Every so often, the FCC reduces restrictions on media ownership. And even though it rarely gets much press play (since the people who would be reporting on it are better served financially if we don't know about it), each time it happens, the FCC is flooded with bi-partisan pleas to not allow any further consolidation. These please are ignored, and ClearChannel, Sinclair, Time-Warner, NewCorp, etc. is allowed to continue to consolidate media.

There used to be a fairness doctrine at play, that has been eradicated.

Did you know that it's not illegal to knowingly lie to the public? That one might, understandably, be tricky to regulate though.

However, the public owns the airwaves. Those already are regulated. That's why you can't say "fuck" on network tv or if you happen to show Janet Jackson's nipple, you get heavily fined. In order to use our airwaves, the media must comply to our standards.

That's how you have "public service announcements" and "tests of the emergency broadcast system" too. They eat up valuable ad time for stations, but they are required. Otherwise, do you think stations would waste their time with it?

Ever see the prophetic movie Network? Seriously, check it out.

When network news leaves the realm of the news division and becomes part of the for-profit entertainment division - the result is fewer expensive foreign bureaus and more talking head punditry. It's cheaper. It's easier. And undeniably more dramatic as it turns politics into something more like WWE - complete with stock, 2D characters to love and hate that battle it out for our hearts and minds.

The Pentagon program of installing generals on all the major networks as "military advisers" to sell the war to the American public while the were still on the Pentagon's payroll, a story you will hear none of the major tv news outlets report because they are all guilty of it - that is actually a crime. Rectifying that would be easy if we didn't have a politicized Justice Dept.

These are things that are easily and Constitutionally fixed if there is a will to do it.

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