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Barr's main "positive" was his prominence in the GOP. I guess the definition of "Libertarian" has now been expanded to mean, "republican with a modicum of conscience".
If the Libertarians select him, they should change their party name to "The Old Republicans"


but by all means, let him run, it should be good for at least a 2% shaving off of what would otherwise be a Republican vote

Ayn R. Key

Yes, he's announced, but let us not forget that he has NOT been chosen. There are many libertarians who look at that record and say "someone like that has reformed?" He claims to have seen the light, but ...

Amboy Dukes

Bob. Barr. That's all that needs to be said.

Bob freakin' Barr.


Actually, that should be, "Bob freakin' Barr, and his freakin' mustache"


I agree with Stevo. Bob Barr is basically a Republican in Libertarian clothing.

Libertarianism, as part of my life philosophy, is useful and constructive, but as a political party it really has become the "Old Republicans", a faction spawned from disenchantment with the GOP's party. Libertarianism, at its core, is supposed to be about personal accountability, small, unintrusive government, and freedom to choose our own lifestyles so long as they don't trample on the rights of others. But to former GOP members, it signifies a new loophole to avoid taxation. They will ruin this party by skewing its values to promote their own (and corporate) self-interest. That's beyond's sickening.

And then the Libertarian party elected Bob Barr to run on their ticket this weekend. That tells us all we really need to know about the mindset of what remains of the Libertarian party some of us once knew and loved. Had Mike Gravel been nominated as their candidate, I'd continue to show support.

I'll be voting for Ralph Nader this November.

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