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America Ferrera is FINE. Which kind of sucks...even good looking women play ugly in the US.


I had to ask the wife the same thing when I saw the commercial. I assumed she was just being tackily patriotic.

As for the actress, I thought she was ugly for the show, and then just ho-hum in real life. I could have sworn I had seen real life photos of her that were just *meh*.


"Must be able to play banjo"
Can't Rachel play banjo? You may get more than a look from her for this one. Cause she is gorgeous!


No, I was imagining what the casting call for Deliverance must have read like.


Benn, as an unspoken law, all of the "ugly" women on TV are beautiful. Hasn't that pretty much been a recurring theme on rock videos/tv shows etc?
You take a model, put on nerdy glasses, wear something frumpy and have them pull their hair back, then at the end of the show/video they come out as "the swan"
Honestly, it's like you're pretending that you've never seen crap tv.

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