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Kind of along these lines, there's a letter in this weeks City Paper from Leo A. Williams (I must have been dozing off, because I'm not sure I've read the guy's letters before but he's apparently prolific) who says that Obama comes from "a race of people who don't know how to utilize the free-enterprise system for their own welfare," among other things.

It's the kind of idiocy you don't want to acknowledge, but I can't help but get irate about it.

As if what one's race is pegs you as what you are. Oh, but is he black or white? Guess it depends on what angle you want to attack him from.

As if there aren't plenty of white trash that would fit Leo's rant.

As if McCain didn't grow up an admiral's son (and grandson). Way to pull yourself up from the bottom, John.

All that, and then after I read this letter I drove up through town on York Road. Can hard work move you up? Sure. Will it necessarily? No. Imagine how hard it is to get out of neighborhoods like that where there's virtually nothing good around you for generations. Then about the only "good" thing around is the church which just gets you from another angle.

As for "free enterprise," that's a) largely what brought their ancestors here and b) what packed and packs them into their current situation. Free enterprise is what will then come in and force them out as property values go up and push them out onto the complaining suburbs.

Okay, I guess that was a little off-topic.

At any rate, what do you want from the party of Jesus?

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