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I read about it this morning, and I've been batting it about.
Honestly, I wouldn't have a problem with undercover police in a "pro-life" rally. I know that occasionally in this group there may be extremists that attack clinics. I wouldn't necessarily have a problem with undercover police in a second amendment rights rally, again, could be some gun-totin' lunatics out there.
I guess it comes down to degree with regard to surviellance. I think the article also mentioned it was easier to get federal funding if it reported needed billing for this.
This angle kind of reminded me of the last year of "Homicide" and McNulty generating a fake seriel killer. Creative billing.
Yes, I understand this is a potentially ominous sign, and may be only, "the tip of the iceberg", but, I guess I'm not ready to go nuclear just yet, yes, it definitely warrants a whole lot of scrutiny.


Well I am very much against the death penalty but don't think I deserve to be spied on just because I protest it.


No, but I don't fault the state NECESSARILY for monitoring, provided they do the same for groups across the political spectrum, and it's just to monitor for potential crime.

Rusty Chompers

But it sure doesn't sound like an across the board program - just anti-war, anti-death penalty spying and infiltration.

Wow, this is like Hoover-era all over again. Maybe they think the SDS is starting back up (cuz they were SOOOOO effective before).


Was this during the Ed Norris tenure? Seems like that charming little wacko prick would sign off on this in the name of "homeland security." The next time a Repiglican refers to "The People's Republic of Maryland," you can use the Ehrlich era's surveillance of people looking to save lives as your response.

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