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While I certainly don't condone this type of thing, it sort of looks like they're waiting for someone to pass through, maybe the cyclist did something early in the ride and was ID'ed? NYPD officers don't get paid much, and common sense dictates that if you do something like this as a sworn peace officer (I was one of these at an earlier part of my life) without anything less that probable cause, then you're asking to be dismissed and charged with assault.

I am so Wise

Two points

1) NYPD wants top police talent and pays top dollar with generous benefits to get it.

2) Elements Critical Mass have an established reputation starting with police and drivers, particularly those in SUVs.

3- Given the anti-consumerist edge that Critical Mass riders have taken, the expensive bikes involved is a source of bemusement.

Amboy  Dukes

Well, the cop lost his badge so I guess that would suggest that the NYPD at least suspects he was behaving inappropriately.

And not all Critical Mass riders are anti-capitalist. What you've done there, Mr. So-Wise, is constructed a stereotype, applied it to a group and then used your constructed stereotype to mock said group in order to marginalize them.

Give you an example:
Given the anti-worker edge that conservatives have taken, any claims to support programs to benefit the middle class is a source of bemusement.

Wow. That is fun.

As I understand it, the fundamental principle of Critical Mass is to illustrate how cities are hostile to bicyclists.

The long history of police attacking bicyclists seems to illustrate this point.

And here in Baltimore City, given the rise in gas prices, I have seen more and more bicycle riders every day. Seems to me that common sense would dictate creating a more bicycle-friendly commuter environment.


I am so Wise, NYPD officers do not get top dollar.

From a recent Daily News Article comparing Seatlle PD and NYPD salaries:
"NYPD recruits get a paltry $25,100 annual salary while they are in the academy. Their pay jumps to $32,800 after graduation and tops out at $59,588 after seven years. Seattle pays its police recruits $47,334 a year and the annual salary rises to a maximum base pay of $67,045 in just six years."

Amboy  Dukes

From what I understand, many NYC cops can't even afford to live in the neighborhoods they police.

That is a problem.


That's 3 points you made, not two, I am so Wise (but cannot count).

On the upside, I think the Islanders could offer the now-ex cop a spot on their roster.

I am so Wise

"When including base salary, average overtime and night shift differential, holiday pay, and uniform allowance, a new Police Officer will earn over $40,000, on average, in the first year; and $82,000, on average, after 5 1/2 years of service."


Damn few jobs pay people with AA degrees $82,000 after a mere five years experience. Particularly when the job involves low-risk and limited personal accountability.

Look, all the babbling from police and their supporters about how dangerous police work is alleged to be is designed for one purpose - Separating you from your money and then giving to them. Seriously, when was the last time you heard government employees like cops or DMV workers say "It's all cool. I make too much money as it is anyway."? Never.

Rusty Chompers

Oh, I get it now. "I am so Wise" is a comedian.



"Average overtime" is very subjective. And low risk? Police officers have some of the lowest public trust ratings. They may as well have targets painted on their uniforms.

After several years on the job, under high stress and with low morale, they make okay money, but is it worth it?

I will give you that unions have made it so the worst officers, ones that could care less about the public trust and civil liberty, make the same as ones you want protecting your neighborhood.

Rusty Chompers

I'm sorry, I have a hard time seeing how labor unions are to blame for what the cop in this video did.

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