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HIM Yao Sui, Officially Emperor of China

I would like them to answer three questions:

Question one: Knowing that the Hebrew Chou Dynasty is leading China,
would you help or oppose a Christian China?

Question two: Would you consent to meeting with China in your first
year as President?

Question three: China's current succession emperor was the Bush White
House negotiator who secured Saddam's agreement to withdraw from
Kuwait. The Bush administration subsequently reneged and did not make
known Saddam's acceptance of the Bush White House terms of withdrawal.
There is no legal basis for the 1991 war against Iraq and neither is
there any legal basis for 11 years of sanctions. The first Iraq War
(1991) took 1.4 million Iraqi lives. The second (2003) took 650,000
Iraqi lives. Would you be willing to rectify this situation in the
light of US legal standards of law and set aright Saddam's legitimate
government sturcture once again and fully compensate the nation of Iraq
(financial compensation) as you would normally do for any American?


Benn, given the list of rules for your drinking game, I think you're being grossly negligent in encouraging massive alcohol over-consumption.

I've got an idea; drink every time the thought crosses your mind that Palin might be in office. Lord knows I need a drink to cope with that prospect.


I love Wonkette:

Whenever John McCain says “My Friends”:

Two drinks (or one shot), poke the breast of the person to your right and smile creepily.


... I am... so drunk... right now...

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