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That's pretty mild compared to stuff Howard Stern says. Are you really taking these people seriously?

Amboy Dukes

Stern is a drive time shock jock.

Beck is on political talk radio and Goldberg is a political columnist. Both are part of the "pundit" class and Stern is a "comedian".

So the things that come out of their mouths carry different weight (assuming Stern has called for physical harm of political leaders). Apples. Oranges.

Perhaps it's too nuanced for someone who tends to side with Beck/Goldberg to grasp, but I'll try anyway.

When Stern has a show on CNN like Beck or starts writing political books like Goldberg, maybe then you have a point.


But right now you don't. This is how political people with an audience, with access to our airwaves talk about people they don't like. Beck is not comedy a show (despite how stupid and funny the ideology they pathetically attempt to support is), it is a political. Goldberg wasn't on Real Time, trying to make a joke.

These people are meant to be taken seriously. Stern is not.

Nice try.


Can't see the video here, so maybe it makes it clear what's got them so riled up, but what don't they like about them? Is it because Frank is gay? Were they outraged about Foley? Stevens? Craig?

As for the middle ages, we also used leeches for health care and stoned and burned witches and other undesirables. Then again, we burned witches into the 17th century.

Conservatives don't like it when actors speak out, saying they don't really have qualifications and so forth (then again, they're running Palin as VP with a septuagenarian). First, what qualifications do you need to speak out on a political issue? If you really do need qualifications, how are Beck and Grace and Dobbs qualified?

Fair and balanced. Fair and balanced.

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