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The current assessment, (at least at this point), that Biden won the debate, was a very pleasant surprise.
I was warned that Palin is a very effective debater, and she was at full spring attack from the moment she shook hands w/ Biden.
I was and am greatly concerned that the swing voter would be charmed with her folksy approach laden w/ GOP talking points.
I thought it was smart for Biden to refer to her as "governor". I thought this help reaffirm that she was not a "defenseless neophyte" being picked on by the bad ol' Senator from Delaware.
I know that concept is repugnant to most intelligent people, but, geez, the last four to five presidential elections have seen increasingly and embarrassingly so, more fluff.
In a perfect world Biden would have been allowed to go on full attack and Palin would have forced to actually answer the damn questions posed to her.


As for the drinking game, I don't think, even in my heyday, I could have avoided the emergency room, had I chosen to participate.
I just want to clarify that, I really hate the idea that Biden, (or any candidate) could ever possibly lose as a result of being "too mean" to the other candidate.
Yeah, like as president, or heck, even as vice president, you won't have to deal with people being mean to you. Even if Obama/Biden win and Demos get a whole bunch of congressional seats, the US is still far too close to "dangerously stupid".


Is anybody who played by these rules still alive?

Best post-debate follow-up is @ several political blogs that posted videos fr/ Palin's 2006 statewide debates. They prove that the "folksiness," dropped g's and all, is an act and a gimmick. She never used it with Alaskans, who know her best, but seems sure she can snowball the lower 48. Absolute. Total. Fraud. You betcha!


Heh, I seem to remember Hillary getting grilled just for allegedly fakin' er, um, faking folksiness.
Let's face it, Repubs can get away with openly lying, "I said thanks but no thanks...", "I was actively for divestiture of Sudan", not to mention McCain "suspending his campaign" and all of that nonsense.
Feigning folksiness is small potatos.

Rusty Chompers

Did you intentionally misspell "potatos" as some kind of Dan Quayle allusion?


I wish I was that clever, lack of attention to detail and/or coffee. It's funny, I did think of D. Quayle when I typed it, it's kind of hard not to.
I actually never thought Quayle was dumb, (and wasn't "potatoe" archaic, yet an acceptable spelling?) just a lackluster public speaker, that had a specifically difficult time integrating his true beliefs, (that he seemed to do effectively), and the GOP "party speak". In that regard, I held out a sliver of sympathy toward him, although, mostly after he was out of politics.

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