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This issue was a tough one before reading the above. It's hard to deny those numbers, and the potential for things to get worse by bringing gambling to Maryland. I will be voting accordingly.

BTW, anyone know anything about Question A on Baltimore City's ballot concerning the creation of a General Services Administration. Is this a good thing? Can't find an opinion of it anywhere (aside from the City's website, where Shiela Dixon wants all residents to vote yes for all questions, duh).


Thanks for your informative post.

NO to number 2: I agree with you 180%

best-case - maybe 6 cents of each dollar would go to education, the rest to the horse racing industry, lottery licensing, and to the gambling industry.

I wonder if anyone planning to vote 'yes' has ever been in a gambling town and noticed how the surroundings are dalapidated, not to mention the need to lock doors and stay alert for shady characters...

Voting in good conscience as always!

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