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more fiber

I'm guessing this would be the first time he would secede at anything.
Yes, Alaska, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, a few other welfare queen states, just fucking leave, and remember, you'll be paying for your own goddamn stop signs, and we'll send you some cans of soup during that inclement weather, well, maybe, unless of course you do something repulsive and fucked up, which, hell, let's face it you probably will.


I'm guessing this would be the first time he would secede at anything.

That's a funny line.

As for welfare states, they all are in some form or another, e.g., federal highway funds and the like.

This is just more typical Beck; saying ridiculous things, blowing everything out of proportion, and otherwise being a pompous douche.

I'm actually not sure why he's up in arms about the bailout, when it's really the Republican/"free market" ideal to give welfare to corporations. All of a sudden it's bad?


actually fp, many states, massachusetts, md, most new england states, pay out more taxes than they recieve, southern states, interestingly enough, the states that have recently been run by a party that claim fiscal responsibility are the leading states in getting more money from the gov't than they hand out
funny that

The Blob

I didn't know who Glenn Beck was a couple of months ago. Those were the days....

obama kicks ass

Way to take a quote out of context to stick it to those damn Republicans.

Amboy Dukes

Really? That's your defense of the unchained stupidity of Glenn Beck? That someone is maliciously taking his quotes out of context?

That's the brilliance of Beck. His quotes are just plain stupid.

Perhaps you'd like to explain what sort of context would alter the fundamental point Beck is trying to make?

And Republicans seem to be sticking it to themselves pretty good. In fact, if they didn't fuck up the country so bad, I'd almost feel sorry for them.

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