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If the Internet is more liberal, then maybe it means there are more people of that mindset (that are computer literate).

But, this is O'Reilly, and he's generally spot on and well-researched and certainly not just pulling something out of the air...

Being fair and balanced, I'm sure the next sentence out of his mouth was going to be, "FOX News is rabidly xenophobic, homophobic, and otherwise bigoted. Oh, and hypocritical."

more fiber

yeah, Obama was on a republican created board doing non-radical, public good stuff, along with other people on the same board, many of which were Republicans, yet because Ayers was on that board, something that didn't mean a hill of beans for the last twenty years or so, suddenly it's an issue
Palin gave a big warm greeting to AIP, and her husband was a member for many years, but, somehow, that didn't hit the media cycle,
Associations? particularly when Palin started in with the "palling around with terrorists" crap?
If the media was liberal, other than in the bag for the GOP, and being occasionally cowed into telling a modicum of truth, this would have been front page every day for weeks
this is just one issue, another, the handling of Rev.Wright by the media while the press gave McCain an el paso on his associations with the hate mongers on the right, "SF should get attacked by terrorists" "New Orleans/NYC brought God's wrath upon themselves"
Does anyone rational honestly beleive that if a Dem. had made propoganda films against America, as a result of being a POW ,that it wouldn't be aired on prime time repeatedly before an election?

Rusty Chompers

Tell me about it. I've been trying to find those anti-American films McCain made on Youtube to no avail.

I will concede that if it wasn't for the leftwing blogosphere, you'd still have 82% of the votes still thinking that Iraq had something to do with 9/11.

Damn reality and its liberal bias!


I don't think it would have been fair to air the films McCain did.
Yes, I am a Dem., but I'm also concerned that Americans make an informed choice, not, "well golly that one's a turrist"
I guess that's another reason and maybe the predominant one that gripes my cookies.
I say to myself in earlier elections, (and maybe it's not true), "I wouldn't mind it so much if they actually just dwelled on facts"


I am assuming we're talking about tapes made by coercion when he was a POW? I thought he didn't make those kind of tapes and that he didn't roll on his fellow soldiers and didn't take an early release.

At any rate, if he did make tapes like that, I agree that a) it'd be a low thing to bring up and b) presumably people would be able to understand the context they were made in.

Of course, it's ridiculous that one can't be critical of the country or its policies and still be considered "patriotic" or worthy for office. But, one most certainly can't fault someone for doing so under threat/execution of torture. I know no one is saying that here and presumably no one would say it out there. At least, no one that would be taken seriously in any way.


I'm not saying it. I am saying that had it been a Democrat the GOP and the "liberal media" would be expounding on it.
"hmmm, of course it doesn't necessarily mean he'd turn on his country or anything, let's watch it again, maybe there's some people that haven't seen it thirty times already"
To my knowledge, he didn't roll on fellow soliders, and he definitely didn't take an early release. He did make the films, and frankly, I'm not sorry to have not seen them, I don't think they're particularly necessary.

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