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"I just don't think America's ready for a black president," she explains. "And I don't mean that in a racial way whatsoever."

Ha. Does she listen to herself talk?

Obama, she assures me, is a "novelty" who will "go away within the next couple of years."

Does she know how long the president's term is? Does she know what "couple" means? Is she trying to imply what someone I heard say, "They should have the inauguration in Dallas," was trying to imply?

Taibbi really dislikes McCain and Palin (and I understand this), but I imagine there were more reasonable McCain supporters, although probably not at his defeat party. That said, the above is priceless, although certainly not uplifting to continue to realize how a significant portion of the population "thinks."


We now have "the shift". When Clinton was president, it was okay for the GOP to "humorously" insinuate assassination. That changed of course with W being elected, where it rightfully became treason, and now, here we are, the black helicopters are now in full bloom and insinuating assassination is A-OK, take a bow GOP. That's not terrorist talk, nosiree, just good ol' Americans venting their frustration.


oh yes, but the democrats, and particularly the lib. bloggers are the party of hate

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