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I wonder if anybody was thinking about doing the "handshake psyche", you know, extend the hand and then pull it back to straighten your hair. or maybe the schmeg shake


Stevo- CNN already apologozed for this piece. This was a photo op taken on day two. Bush was warmly greeted by all the leaders the day before and CNN showed that footage in an effort to retract the piece. What they can't retract is the fact that Sanchez was creaming all over his desk with delight at Bush's apparent dissing. Those shaking hands had arrived that day and were meeting leaders for the first time. Of course MSNBC and a billion other sites have linked the video and circulated it around the world. I guess whoever posted this isn't aware of THE FACTS AND IS UNFORTUNATELY NOT AWARE THAT IT SHOULD BE RETRACTED TO MAINTAIN THE INTELLECTUAL INTEGRITY OF THIS SITE. My God, I crack myself up sometimes!!!!!

more fiber

your name and intellectual integrity certainly cracks me up


Can I call you for short?

more fiber

weeeelllll, aren't you the wiley prankster?

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