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Yet another concept that needs to be beaten senselessly by the media. "bi-partisan ship" I'm glad at least Krugman is able to introduce the idea to the clueless corp. media that the GOP has, and is going to obstruct everything. How long can these guys/gals keep being wrong about everything important and still be given any kind of attention?


Lighten up. Members of either party standing firm on their party's principles is admirable, not obstructionist. For example, when the Bush administration wanted to introduce tighter REGULATION on Freddie and Fannie because of the potential for disaster regarding the sub prime loans they were pushing, the Democrats squashed the attempt with their accusations that Republicans were racists and only for the rich. That wasn't obstructionism by the Democrats, that was a reflection of their political principles.

Amboy Dukes

That's adorable! Still trying to blame Dems for the Republican Depression we're living in.

...and Republican principles...



It's obstructionism.


It's admirable when one stands up for admirable beliefs. There's nothing inherently admirable about sticking with one's beliefs. Hitler wasn't admirable for sticking with his whole master race deal.


Ford- Good point; a bad choice of words on my part. Strike "admirable" and replace it with "disgustingly predictable."

Amboy Dukes

Guadalupe finds Republicans "disgustingly predictable!"


Welcome to reality, Guad. Our side has a very big tent. You'll like it here.

You'll find it a relief to not have to carry all that tainted conservative water.

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