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How much more evidence do the "Abstinance-Only" supporters need? It's never worked and it never will. How can they honestly believe that they can hold teens back from human nature by withholding education and setting up a flimsy pledge program? News flash: your kids WILL have sex. Telling them not to will just make them want it more, but be too ashamed to buy condoms.

I've probably said this before, but, I don't understand what the problem to begin with was. When I went to school, what was said was, "the one sure-fire way to avoid pregnancy and/or VD is to not have sex, but if you feel like you HAVE to..., wear a condom"
I feel bummed out, apparently every other school talked up having premarital sex.
This goes into the "no shit" dept. Why this idea wasn't laughed off the face of the planet is directly the fault of the corp. media not doing their job to make sure this concept WAS laughed off the face of the planet.

Rusty Chompers

The problem is 2 very loud, very obnoxious, very cry-babyish factions of parents.

You have faction 1 who feels that telling kids about birth control just encourages them to have sex. Data proves otherwise, but data be damned to these folks.

Then you have faction 2 who has a moral objection to any kind of birth control whatsoever, so to tell kids to use it if they have to have sex is paramount to telling them to sin.

Add these 2 factions together and you get Virginity Pledges that don't work. Pregnant teens. Or kids with diseases. But oh well, if they get an STD or pregnant - well that just serves as a lesson to the other kids to not have sex, right (after all, these are many of the same people who fought against the Human Papillomavirus vaccine because they'd rather girls get cervical cancer as a way to teach kids a lesson about abstinence)?

Cuz everyone knows teenagers are rational thinking critters not at all prone to instinctive and hormonal urges.

Let's use some conservo logic on this situation. The problem isn't that Virginity Pledges don't work, the problem is there aren't enough kids making these pledges. And they're the ones seducing these other poor, pure teens into having the nasty, dirty sex. See?


i heard that a study found anal sex has had a huge rise and that kids still think they are keeping their virginity when having it.


Greg: heard that one also, as per
Bill Maher: "where were all of these kids when I was growing up?"


A real problem with this is these kids are perpetuating their parents' hypocritical gene. Ha.

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