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Mary (from The Sun)

Howdy. I do much of the tweeting from the main Sun Twitter account. Some points:

We think of the Oscars as news, and it was also a very social event, as evidenced by the number of people on Twitter discussing it while the show was on. I thought it was a good use of the medium, and the person doing the tweeting is a features editor, so no time or resources were taken from "hard news" coverage (especially on a Sunday night, traditionally a quiet news day).

But we do also use Twitter to tweet "actual" news -- I'm assuming you mean hard news. Twitter is still entirely an experiment, but we've used it to pass along both big breaking news alerts, such as when Sheila Dixon was indicted, as well as daily news coverage through multiple tweets a day. See also: reporter Gus Sentementes' work on Twitter.

We think of it as a way of being part of, and building, a community that's sometimes focused around news and sometimes focused around other things.

And we're followers of you, too.


Mary - thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts.

The point of my post was to offer up some well-deserved (I think) snark, but to also direct Shank readers to The Sun's Twitter page so that they too might follow the Sun's tweets (it's where I first heard the Sheila Dixon indictment).

Regarding your points...

I agree. The Oscars are a social event. What many do (including individual people and media outlets), is either twitter from the Oscars or from some sort of Oscar party. Sitting in the newsroom of a local paper and twittering (as that paper) the winners you see announced on TV seems a little - unnecessary? And it also seems a little not-reporting. (Why do we send reporters to football games (or warzones) when they can just watch it on TV and write it up?)

If you want to help build or even be a part of a larger community, I would think twittering from one of any dozen Oscar parties in local pubs, people's homes, etc. might be a more rewarding way to do it instead of simply tweeting info you get from a TV that most people who are using Twitter already have or have access to if they care.

As for following me, I'm not sure what you mean. The Mobtown Shank isn't on Twitter, and I myself am not on Twitter. I do some Atomic Books twittering, but that's Atomic Books - as in, the views of this blog do not necessarily reflect those of Atomic Books or its parent company Wunderpants Productions, etc.

Anyway, I'll be sure to invite you to our Oscars Party next year.

And can I take the opportunity to offer you one other bit of Twitter advice - don't do it like The Huffington Post. Follow them for 20 minutes and you'll see what I'm talking about. Ugh. (Hey, maybe the Sun could write an article on Twitter etiquette? - The HuffPo sure could use it. Heh.)

Thanks again, for your comments, Mary. I do appreciate them.


Hi Mary from the Sun, to be honest, there's a whole lot of beefs I have with the Sun. Rather than shovel all of that on you, I'd instead like to ask a question:
What's your take on why the Sun is getting smaller, and what's the take in the newsroom?

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