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To be fair, Edmondson Village has the same problems with the Red Line and have said so in public as well. It's not just a rich white thing.

The Red Line's dirty little secret is that Alt 4C - the one with the Downtown and Fells tunnels, and that the city's elite have publicly favored - ALREADY doesn't meet the federal cost-effectiveness standard referred to in that article. And that's using an absurdly optimistic funding plan that basically assumes no work stoppages of any kind. Does any rational person think that tunnelling over the two oldest parts of the City, so close to the water table, will go completely smoothly?

Personally, I think the whole thing should be aboveground. In Baltimore, there's an understandable bias against surface LR because of the Howard Street debacle. But Portland, among other cities, seems to be doing quite well with their three (almost four, and going on five) surface LR lines. In fact, the City and MTA both know this, because they've held up Portland repeatedly as an example of what Baltimore should be.

So, if Portland can run a wildly successful Light Rail system almost entirely on the surface, why can't we? Why are we even tunnelling under Fells and Downtown?

It's all about urban design. It can be done.


I meant "tunnel under". Not sure how one would "tunnel over" something. :)

Rusty Chompers

It's not just a rich white thing.

Right. But if it wasn't for the white, rich component, would anyone pay attention?

Plus, the way the discourse seems to be structured is that one of the reasons they can't do it for Canton is because they'd have to do it for Edmondson as well and they can't afford one let alone both. Not that they can't to it for Edmonson period (which suggests that even if Edmonson doesn't want it, their wants aren't really seriously regarded).

It helps to live in a community of lawyers and developers.


For what it's worth, Phoenix's new light rail (above ground) seems to suck. Of course, this isn't something inherent in above-ground light rail, but in their implementation.

I can totally see Canton's point. Above-ground light rail would look horrible, not like ridiculous luxury condos that essentially cut off any views for anyone but those wealthy enough to live in them.

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